work description

The O.O.T.B. Solutions a.s. powder coating shop is a supplier of surface finishing in metals, with powder plastics, known to the public as „powder coating“.

The basic prerequisite for successful application of powder coating is the clean basic surface. In order to provide this, our production line includes high-quality, modern chemical pre-treatment. This pretreatment process occurs in the form of four-stage spraying; this includes degreasing and anticorrosion passivation (phosphating)hot-water washdemineralized water wash and drying. Other types of pretreatment (heat/galvanic zinc coating, chromatizing of aluminum) are provided by our contracting partners.

After the surface has received the appropriate pretreatment, powder coating may be applied. As of today, virtually all application of powder coating is performed by spraying within an electrostatic field. One feature that is common to all processes of this kind is that the powder particles receive an electric charge while the object being coated is grounded. The resulting electrostatic force holds a sufficient layer of the powder to the object. The powder is held in place until it has melted and adheres to the surface firmly. The powder particles receive the electrostatic charge either by passing through a high-voltage electrostatic field (static) or by friction against insulating material (tribo). The O.O.T.B. typically uses the tribo spraying method.

Our exclusive supplier of chemicals is IDEAL-Trade Service, s.r.o., Brnologo ITS.