technical information


U Mlýna 1a, Rousínov, Czech Republic, on the D1 highway, take Exit 216 (Rousínov)

materials suitable for surface treatment

Steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, MDF boards

maximum object dimensions

stove no.1: 2500 x 1100 x 1600 mm (length x width x height)

stove no.2: 3000 x 1100 x 1600 mm (length x width x height)

chemical pretreatment process by spraying

Our company employs a combined degreasing and phosphating process by spraying the surface with the Ferrophos 7766 preparation, made by Alufinish Corporation, Germany.

powder coating material (PCM)

We apply PCM of all shades and types of the following color systems: RAL (215 hues), RAL Design (1,688 hues), NCS (1,750 hues), Sikkens, Pantone (1,021 hues), HKS (120 hues), BS (237 hues), and DB. However, the system we use most often is RAL.

PCM types

  • smooth, fine, and coarse structures
  • gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matte, matte
  • epoxy, polyester-epoxy, polyester, polyester façade, polyurethane
  • special types – metallic, sanitation line, hammer finish (antique), primers, zinc primers


As agreed with our customers, we provide delivery in our vehicles, or by contracted carriers.


Surface treatment operations are subject to the CSN EN ISO 12944 standard.

quality assurance

In quality assurance of the surface treatment, A + M lakovna s.r.o. cooperates with the certified company SYNPO, a.s., Pardubice, Czech Republic. An integral part of the production process is the cross-cut testmeasurement of layer thickness, as well as computer monitoring of the curing process, using a multichannel metering system.


Throughout the time the customer“s material is submitted for processing and storage, items are insured against damage.


sampler of RAL colors

sampler is available to download here